Specialty Equipment

SIC owns and maintains a large, diverse fleet of heavy rigging and construction equipment along with an extensive fleet of trucks and trailers to help support your project and meet your hauling needs.

Our rigging and construction inventory includes:

  • Rough terrain forklifts from 30,000lbs to 80,000lbs
  • Heavy lift extendable counterweight forklifts to 80,000lbs (Hoist/Toyota/Versa Lift)
  • Lift Systems TR 45/60 pick and carry heavy lift forklift 
  • Lift Systems 75 ton Mobilift 
  • PR-40 Precision Riggers telescopic boom forklift
  • 40 ton to 75 ton remote control dollies (Electric/LP)
  • All terrain telescoping boom forklifts 8,000lb to 12,000lb

Contact us to learn more about our rigging equipment solutions.