Safety, Quality, Productivity & Training

SIC team members during a Safety Quality Productivity and Training eventAt Southern Industrial Constructors (SIC), we have expanded our safety program to cover Safety, Quality, Productivity and Training (SQPT).

The SQPT program includes:

Safety – SIC stays committed to zero injuries at all levels by performing each job according to a consistent set of core values.

Quality – We implement a quantifiable, documented system to help ensure that we always perform quality work.

Productivity – To help minimize wasted time, energy and money, we assess productivity by measuring movement, activities, and organization of materials.

Training – SIC Corporate University conducts our in-house craft training program to educate, test, and certify employees.

Safety Principles

We operate with a set of guiding principles that continually remind us of the goals of our stewardship, which are represented by the acronym C.A.R.E. 

  • Commit to our employees’ well-being
  • Approach safety proactively, guided by planning and continuing education, to improve workplace quality-of-life
  • Respect all workers, quickly respond to and mitigate hazards, and coach our employees on issue resolution 
  • Establish a team atmosphere where everyone practices safety with their actions, behaviors, and attitudes

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is one of our most important company values. Through our organized program, we build, enforce, and continually improve our strong safety culture. We actively address safety in all areas of the organization through:

  • Documentation: We regularly update, review, and make our documentation available to every employee.
  • Safety leadership: We employ 28 full-time safety professionals, including Construction Health and Safety Technicians, Certified Safety Professionals, and master’s degree holders. Our safety leadership is certified to train first aid, CPR, Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) standards, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E.
  • Communication: From business unit site safety members, to our “Ask a Safety Pro” call and text line, we strive to ensure employees always have access to the safety information they need. We also host weekly on-site toolbox safety meetings.
  • Safety training: Frequent and regular training is a central part of our company philosophy, beginning before employment and continuing on a regular basis. We boast hundreds of employees with OSHA 30- and 10-hour training, as well as MSHA, NFPA 70e, First Aid, and CPR certifications.
  • Accountability: We enforce a documented disciplinary action program with a core element of safety compliance.
  • Incident Reporting and Tracking: Incident reporting is an essential and mandatory piece of our safety program, including injuries, property damage, vehicle incidents, and near misses. Further, we track each reported incident to maintain accurate safety metrics.


Our quality program consists of the following:

  • Full-time inspectors performing random and required quality assurance/quality control checks on projects
  • Full-time SQPT members who have been trained by field subject matter experts
  • Electronic audits which are all documented and stored for further use.


Through our companywide productivity initiative, we analyze every movement, organizational strategy, work plan, and tool in an effort to help save money and time, as well as increase safety. Eliminating excessive walking, bending, reworking, and treasure hunting are all elements of this initiative.


We offer a robust craft training program through SIC Corporate University. With in-house trainers affiliated with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), we have the ability to train, test, and certify employees in accordance with stringent and nationally-recognized third-party standards. Course categories include technology, personal development, SQPT, craft skills, and leadership.

Contact us today to learn more about our rigorous SQPT programs and standards.

Safety Metrics


  • Total Recordable Incident Rate: 0.55
  • Lost Time Incident Rate: 0.14
  • Work Hours: 2,931,743


  • Experience Modification Rate: 0.68