EMCOR Group Safety Excellence Award - Mechanical Company

SIC team members using lift to access project close to building roofSouthern Industrial Constructors, Inc. (SIC) has earned a 2021 Safety Excellence Award for its effective approach to safety, and efficient application of leading-edge technology.

As part of overhauling its safety program, SIC began using adaptable, shared digital formats. Thanks to their original “Conditions, Acts, Rate, Ensure Improvement” electronic safety audit form (C.A.R.E), employees have completed more than 4,300 detailed safety audits.

Pre-task safety task assessments (STAs) are completed electronically through a Field Data Capture application, and any SIC safety professional can log in from any device to review STAs performed.

New hires are introduced virtually to SIC’s CEO who emphasizes the importance of their stop-work authority, commitment to safety, and provides open invitation to contact the CEO with any safety concerns. The CEO, Project Managers, and business unit managers lead safety meetings weekly.

For additional reinforcement, SIC provides a condensed version of the Field Safety Reference Guide, and has implemented safety incentive programs based on participatory metrics.

Demonstrating their commitment to continual training, three of SIC’s locations are accredited NCCER training/testing and certification sites.

Further, SIC’s own corporate university offers three categories of personal development: SQP, craft skills, and leadership.

SIC upholds the principles of early reporting, early intervention, and care for the employee above all else. All serious events and near misses are investigated and discussed in a meeting among the CEO, corporate directors, business unit leaders, and the employees involved. Everything needed to complete an investigation process is in an easy-to-use guide.

SIC also maintains a detailed database of approved subcontractors, and are members of and in compliance with multiple customer specific networks.

Leveraging cutting-edge tools and encouraging participation helps SIC keep everyone focused on doing everything safely, fostering a safety-first culture.

Injury and Incidence Frequency Data:

Total Recordable incidence rate, 2021: 0.69
Total Recordable incidence rate, 2020: 1.11

DART rate, 2021: 0.08
DART rate, 2020: 0.74

Total employee hours worked, 2021: 2,614,168.45
Total employee hours worked, 2020: 2,161,670.45