Lafayette, IN

Confidential Automotive Client 2

SIC provided turnkey installation services for a transfer press line at this automobile manufacturing plant.

View inside of an Automotive manufacturing client facility

Value Delivered

Southern Industrial Constructors (SIC) performed the turnkey installation of a transfer press line at an automotive manufacturing plant. Leveraging a 15-year-plus relationship with the client spanning 10 projects across the southeastern United States, SIC delivered the installation on-time and within budget.

Client Objectives

The client needed to modernize their Lafayette, IN manufacturing plant.


Our scope of work included:

  • Installation of the following equipment:
    • Sheet feeder
    • Auto palletizer
    • Office washer
  • Four Komatsu 1,000-ton concentric presses
  • Rigging and millwright services
  • Piping
  • Electrical systems

Client Background

The client is a leading automobile manufacturer.