Reno, NV

Confidential Automotive Client 3

SIC performed equipment installation, rigging and millwrighting, and electrical support for this lithium battery manufacturing plant.

Value Delivered

Southern Industrial Constructors (SIC) performed equipment installation and periodic electrical support for this massive lithium battery manufacturing plant constructed on a greenfield site.

Teaming with the client’s construction management partner, SIC provided as many as 60 laborers to deliver work on-schedule and provide ongoing electrical services.

Client Objectives

The client constructed a greenfield lithium battery facility to meet their projected vehicle demand.


SIC’s scope of work included:

  • Equipment inspection, offload, and staging
  • Staging and laydown area management
  • Rigging and setting
  • Millwright services
  • Equipment electrical connections

Client Background

The client is an electric vehicle and clean energy company.