Greenville, SC

Confidential Global Product Manufacturer

For a large film manufacturing plant, we installed a material storage facility and multi-layer film extrusion line.

Value Delivered

For this project, we completed all services, including installation of a raw material storage facility and recycle and transport systems as part of their new extrusion line, on time.

Client Objectives

Our client wanted to install a new multi-layer film extrusion line.


To provide a new raw material storage facility for this client, we installed five silos, which feed materials through multiple vessels in a high-rise tower to two main extruders; and three co-extruders with additional feed systems. Other elements delivered in this project included:

  • Casting roll and transverse direction orientation, which fed a forced hot-air machine direction orientation
  • Pull roll stand and two winders
  • Installation of a recycle system, including six large grinders, and a product transport system