Brown Summit, NC

Confidential Cosmetics Client

SIC was a major stakeholder in electrical instrumentation and controls for this skincare manufacturing facility.

Electrical control system installed at a skincare facility

Value Delivered

The client’s construction management partner chose Southern Industrial Constructors (SIC) to provide electrical power distribution, engineering, and installation services during the construction of a new processing facility for skincare products.

As a major stakeholder in electrical instrumentation and controls as well as equipment and module rack installation, SIC contributed valuable input for daily project and execution planning. We helped increase flow and collaboration between trade groups by coordinating the schedule, and we also helped reduce costs by sharing labor and equipment across our team.

Client Objectives

By constructing a greenfield facility and relocating lines from existing facilities, the client aimed to establish major production capabilities during a large, corporate-wide reconsolidation effort.


SIC performed installation services for the main power distribution system, featuring:

  • One 2,500-kilovolt-amp outdoor unit substation
  • One 4.16-kilovolt primary circuit to the unit substation
  • Eight 480-volt, 1,600-amp branch feeders from the substation to power distribution panels (PDPs) located in three electrical rooms within the building
  • Eight motor control centers (MCCs)
  • All associated branch feeders and motor feeders from PDPs and MCCs to field load destinations

We also installed process-related programmable logic controller panels and associated field control and instrumentation wiring for the following systems:

  • Master utilities
  • U.S. Pharmacopoeia sterile purified water distribution
  • Multiple tank cleaning systems
  • Multiple washing and dosing systems
  • Primary and secondary packaging

Additionally, our team installed wiring for various systems, including:

  • Rooftop air handling units
  • Rooftop dust collector
  • Exhaust fans
  • Rapid roll-up doors
  • Battery chargers
  • 480-volt welding and maintenance outlets

Finally, we installed instrument air for process control valves.

Client Background

The client is a multinational consumer goods corporation.