Sanford, NC

Confidential Pharmaceutical Client 3

For this pharmaceutical plant expansion, SIC mobilized labor to perform rigging, millwrighting, crane services, and fabrication on a fast-tracked schedule.

SIC team member performing rigging services

Value Delivered

Seeking a strong partnership for the project, the client selected Southern Industrial Constructors (SIC) to help develop a two-phased plan on an expeditious 12-month schedule. SIC partook in aggressive contract negotiations and preconstruction planning. Instead of taking a hands-off approach, the client was willing to collaborate and meet with Tier I and Tier II partners.

We supported general services with intensive labor mobilization to prepare the site for construction activities. For Phase I “Fix,” we provided around-the-clock, double-shift labor. Phase II consisted of five-day, 50-hour work weeks.

Client Objectives

The client sought to meet their customers’ needs for hemophilia and Duchene muscular dystrophy treatment by expanding their state-of-the-art gene therapy treatment facility.


SIC’s scope included:

  • Mobile crane services for material handling and logistics support
  • Process equipment offloading and staging
  • Rigging and millwright services
  • Design-assist, fabrication, and erection of:
    • Interstitial steel
    • Rooftop platforms
    • Stairwells
    • Mezzanines
  • Form and placing of:
    • Structural concrete and foundations for biowaste and process waste pits
    • Slab and grade for lab and production areas

Client Background

The client is an industry leader in pharmaceutical research and production.