Riegelwood, NC

Confidential Paper and Pulp Client 1

SIC installed the electrical and hardware for a 10-year direct control system conversion project at a pulp plant.

Pulp plant manufacturing line

Value Delivered

Southern Industrial Constructors (SIC) installed the electrical and hardware for a distributed control system (DCS) conversion at a paper and pulp plant. The project’s timeline spanned 10 years, and included several multi-phased system migrations.

SIC has completed numerous projects for the client across the southeastern United States, dating back to the 1980s.

Client Objectives

The client sought to complete a DCS conversion at their Riegelwood, NC pulp mill.


Over the course of the project, SIC’s scope of work featured:

  • Installing new control systems for:
    • Second stage reactor oxygen delignification
    • Demineralizers
    • Recovery boilers
  • Installing raceway, cable, and support
  • Installing and terminating:
    • New DCS input/output (I/O) panels
    • New 1200-volt power panels
    • New I/O marshaling panels
  • Migrating existing systems for:
    • Batch digester systems
    • Multiple areas, including chemical prep, utilities, and oxygen pulp systems
    • Bleach plants
    • Paper machine
    • Process modification to fluff pulp dryer
    • Carolina King machine
    • Woodyard
    • Recovery boilers
    • Demineralizers
    • Evaporators
    • Power boilers
    • Turbine balance of plant systems
    • Filter plant
  • Checkout and startup support of all systems
  • Demolition of old control system hardware, panels, and cables

Client Background

The client is an international pulp and paper company.