Brunswick, GA

Confidential Mining Client 1

SIC worked 70-hour weeks to help complete this project a month ahead of schedule.

Exterior view of a mining client facility

Value Delivered

Southern Industrial Constructors (SIC) performed structural, mechanical, and electrical work for this concentrator facility project. The client asked SIC to work on an expedited, fast-tracked schedule in order to complete the project a month early. To meet this timeframe, our team worked 70 hours for each of the job’s final four weeks. From setting the first module to startup and commissioning, the project lasted a total of three months.

We have worked with the client on several previous projects, including installation services for a trommel and concentrator system at their Concord, VA site. This concentrator facility is the largest job we’ve completed for them.

Client Objectives

The client required a competitive price, a high level of safety, and an operational plant delivered at the earliest possible opportunity.


SIC purchased and fabricated the following equipment:

  • 550 tons of prefabricated structural steel box modules
  • Rubber-lined pipe and sumps
  • Seven unlined tanks

We also erected 36 modules to form a four-story concentrator structure, which included:

  • Ten spiral frames
  • Owner-furnished pumps, cyclones, launders, and spirals
  • Supply and installation of cable ray, conduit, and cable
  • Owner-furnished multiple control center room and instruments
  • Fire protection system
    • Fire-water pump house
    • Feed tank
    • Ring main
    • Deluge sprinkler system

Client Background

The client is an international mineral extraction company.