Carbo Ceramics

Toomsboro, Georgia

steel_mills_image3.jpgThis project included the mechanical installation of major equipment and pipe systems at this grassroots ceramic proppants plant. The facility manufactures a product used to fracture the ground’s subsurface at oil wells for the petroleum industry.

Southern Industrial final set the heavy process equipment and installed the remaining equipment, including installation of process ductwork and supplying and installing over 35,000 feet of process piping to ASME B31.3 requirements and installed all duct work and secondary rock crushing equipment.

The major equipment included:

  • baghouses
  • pumps
  • vessels
  • agitators
  • belt and air supported conveyors
  • heat exchangers
  • blowers
  • various skid mounted process components

 Southern Industrial also performed some other mechanical and equipment installation on this project.