Raleigh’s Preferred Provider of Industrial Piping and Piping Systems

A new piping system Southern Industrial Contractors installed at a plant in Raleigh

Anywhere in Raleigh, Southern Industrial Constructors offers custom industrial, utility, and high purity piping systems for a variety of manufacturing and industrial applications.

To help ensure you get the precise solutions your projects demand, we fabricate, install, and modify piping and process ductwork.

Our extensive experience includes piping systems in specialty markets such as biotech, chemicals, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

Covering All Your Utility Piping Needs

Because utility piping is critical to optimal operation of your plants and facilities in Raleigh, we offer expertise in a wide range of systems, including steam, water, compressed air, condensation, waste water, and more.

A high purity piping solution at a plant in Raleigh.Delivering Stringent High Purity Piping Solutions

For applications that require zero contaminants, such as the semiconductor or biopharmaceutical industries, we can deliver high purity piping for chemicals, petroleum, gas, purified water, and cryogenic fluids.

Custom Pipe Fabrication In-House or On Site throughout Raleigh

Not only do we install and modify process piping and ductwork, we also fabricate unique solutions for complex projects.

In our fabrication shop, we can manufacture to your exact plans, specifications, and code requirements. Our shop is equipped for steel fabrication, including carbon and stainless (austenitic and duplex), as well as nickel and other specialty alloys.

Contact us today to learn more about our industrial piping systems and pipe fabrication services throughout the Raleigh area.