Machinery Installation and Relocation / Equipment Setting / Rigging and MIllwrighting

  • Machinery installation and relocation; equipment setting at manufacturing, process, and power plants
    • Heavy and oversized machinery in industrial environments
    • High-tech and sensitive equipment in cleanrooms
    • One machine to an entire plant
  • Rigging
    • Hoisting, lifting, jacking, sliding, rolling, and erecting machinery, equipment, and structures
    • Using specialized rigging equipment and experienced riggers
    • Heavy forklifts and cranes
    • Gantry systems, A-frames, and lifting beams
    • Jack and slide systems
    • Heavy duty dollies and die carts
    • Heavy chain falls, hoists, rigging gear, etc.
  • Millwrighting
    • Installing, setting, aligning, and leveling machinery and equipment
    • Dismantling, refurbishing, reassembling, and moving machinery and equipment
    • Close tolerance and precision alignment (optical and laser)
  • Logistics
    • Receiving/shipping
    • Off-loading/loading
    • Uncrating/crating
    • Machinery preparation: steam cleaning, painting, and refurbishment
    • Transporting: truck, rail, barge, ship, or plane
    • Heavy and specialized hauling
    • Freight forwarding/warehousing


SIC won the SC&RA's Rigging Job of the Year Award for this very difficult removal and re-installation of a Condenser at an operating Steam Power Plant in North Carolina. This project required the simultaneous use of 3 sets of Gantry Lifting Systems.