Wilmington’s Total Plant Maintenance Provider

Expert technician performing plant maintenance.

Wherever you operate in Wilmington, we can maintain your industrial environment, equipment, HVAC systems, plant machinery—and all your vital productivity assets. Our goal is to help extend longevity and enhance overall plant efficiency.

Top-Quality Outsourced Maintenance

Outsourcing your plant maintenance to Southern Industrial Constructors can range from supplemental or contract maintenance, to total plant-wide maintenance—for one or multiple facilities. Throughout Wilmington, we can manage all your ongoing mechanical maintenance as well as capital projects, shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages.

Wilmington plant maintenance performed by Southern Industrial Contractors.Not only are we experts in Total Quality Management, Kaizen, 5S, Lean, and Six Sigma, we collaborate on and commit to your key performance indicators. And because every client is unique, we can customize your maintenance agreements however your facilities and budget requires.

Covering All Your Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Needs

From hydraulics, pneumatics, and systems infrastructure maintenance, to machinery repair and more, our comprehensive services throughout Wilmington include:

Predictive Plant Maintenance Solutions

We also offer predictive maintenance including logistics such as kitting, receiving, and shipping. Our predictive plant maintenance can help lower your production costs, minimize unplanned maintenance, predict potential downtime, and enhance your ROI.

Call today to see how our plant maintenance services can help improve your Wilmington area facilities.