Burlington, NC

Confidential Aerospace Client 1

SIC mobilized local labor to provide structural and mechanical installation services for this aviation client.

Turbine engine assembly station at an Aerospace client facility

Value Delivered

Southern Industrial Constructors (SIC) performed structural and mechanical installation services for this aviation and maintenance facility. We also provided mixed craft labor and equipment needed for the installation of engine test cell technology.

Our scheduling strategy helped the client save on subsistence costs by reducing long-term mobilization. By coordinating rigging and structural services with local business operations and labor, we were able to mobilize up to 20 crew members at a time as required.

Client Objectives

The client sought to construct a facility to assemble and test turbine engines domestically as they enter the private jet market.


Our scope of work included the installation and termination of components to calibrate above-wing turbofan jet engines.

Services included:

  • Mobile crane services
  • Offloading and staging of equipment for engine test cells
  • Rigging and millwright services
  • Installation of:
    • 10,000-pound augmenter tube
    • Flow screens
    • 189 turning veins and bar silencers
    • Overhead thrust stands

Client Background

The client is an aircraft manufacturer of light business jets.