Confidential Site

Confidential Specialty Materials Supplier

SIC installed, relocated, replaced, and modified stacks, piping, and more during an outage.

Value Delivered

This project was completed on time with over 30,000 man-hours on an accelerated schedule during a 60-day outage period at the plant.

Client Objectives

Our client needed mechanical repair services provided on an accelerated schedule.


Services we provided for this project include:

  • Installed furnace support steel for the lower melter bed
  • Replaced exhaust stack (required a 350-ton crane)
  • Removed cooler and all associated piping and fans
  • Replaced glass forming line with 24 new units
  • Modified the stack structure
  • Installed a new dilution stack and associated components
  • Relocated and added small utility piping
  • Replaced the circulating piping and process forming level
  • Construction-managed balance of project

Client Background

For over 20 years, we have had a longstanding relationship with this client.