Durham, NC

Confidential Semiconductor Client

SIC provides equipment installation services on an ongoing basis, to help optimize production and lower costs.

Value Delivered

Southern Industrial Constructors (SIC) performs ongoing crane and rigging installation work for a semiconductor company in Durham, NC. Much of our work involves setting state-of-the-art equipment.

For the past 13 years, we have been the client’s preferred rigging subcontractor. Our services help the client meet production demands, lower costs, and maintain a competitive edge. Though the client is a national company, SIC performs all work locally.

Client Objectives

This client sought to install and replace equipment on an ongoing basis to help ensure they are always outfitted with the latest technology and ready to meet production demands.


As this client’s go-to source for equipment installation, we utilize daily rigging crews and regularly perform small mechanical and concrete projects. Over the years, we’ve installed all semiconductor equipment in sub-fabrication, as well as rooftop air handlers using a 90-ton crane. We also perform subcontracting work as needed.

Client Background

The client is a national semiconductor company focused on silicon technology for LED lighting.